A Commercial Electrician For Winter-Related Repairs


You need a certified commercial electrician when the cold weather of winter causes electrical problems. When there is freezing rain, sleet and snow we often see a rise in service calls to businesses around the city.All-Current-Eletric-Commercial-Electrician-Winter-Repairs-2019

During extreme weather buildings that are not protected are more prone to electrical outages. A thorough examination of the electrical system by a commercial electrician can help to determine if it will withstand the hazards of winter. Detecting potential problems before they happen can help prevent costly repairs and loss of revenue if your business has to close while repairs are being made.

Aside from more drastic events that are weather-related (i.e. a tree falling across the power lines to your property), common issues that seem to go hand-in-hand with cold weather conditions are:

Electrical Panels 
Heating systems and portable heaters put a huge strain on your electrical panel. Tripped breakers, flickering lights and power surges are all common occurrences during winter. A commercial electrician can install a larger panel that will supply sufficient power for all your needs.

Power Outages – There are many reasons why power outages are increasing in number and severity:

  • Unreliable utility power grid
  • Seasonal power outages
  • Increasing demands on an aging power grid
  • Severe weather
  • Human error by utility employees
  • Complications at local construction projects
  • Fires and accidents

Outdated Equipment
Space heaters, water heaters, heating and cooling systems and electronics should all be checked regularly to make sure they are in good condition and working properly. They can be problematic for your electrical system in cold weather and can even cause fires. A good rule of thumb is if the item is more than five years old it may need to be replaced.

Safety Testing
The commercial electrician will conduct an inspection of your building’s energy efficiency, including inspecting items that continue to consume power when turned off but are still plugged in (i.e. computers). If you have a backup generator the commercial electrician will check to make sure it is functional in the event of a power outage. He or she will test the power outlets throughout the building using a multimeter to make sure the outlet is receiving sufficient power and that all the wiring is connected properly.

Space Heaters
While these are convenient in some situations, they are a leading cause of electrical fires when not used properly. If used correctly, space heaters can keep your space warm without over-consuming power or overheating. They should always be unplugged when not in use.

Data & Communication Cabling
Most of us don’t think about the computer causing potential electrical problems. Ideally, you can plug it into a grounded power strip which is then plugged into a wall outlet and forget about it. A commercial electrician will check for fraying or other damage and recommend replacement if needed.

Providing electrical power to all the various devices, equipment, lighting, etc. takes a lot of power and puts additional strain on your property’s electrical system during winter. That’s why the electrical system must be properly equipped for winter, preparing for static electricity, tripped breakers and a variety of other common electrical problems. Depending on its age and condition, the electrical system might need to be repaired or upgraded. 

Having a commercial electrician upgrade the circuit panel will provide a stronger current of electricity that can more easily and safely accommodate newer state-of-the-art equipment, electronics and other advanced technologies.

All Current Electric specializes in electric service and repair for businesses throughout Kansas City. A commercial electrician who is fully licensed and insured can ensure that you will receive high-quality service.

At All Current Electric, we have completed data/phone installations, fire alarm panel control installations, and equipment wiring for commercial retail and sanctuary projects.

Here are several issues that can be affected by severe winter weather and may require commercial service and repair:

  • Light commercial generators (Cummins) – A standby power is an investment in ensuring your business continuity. Safeguard your business from the increasing number and severity of costly power outages with Cummins power generation. During the past five years, serious power outages have increased over 50%, with tens of billions in lost revenue each year, and median small business losses of thousands per day.
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • UPS Battery backup systems – An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), offers guaranteed power protection for connected electronics. When power is interrupted, or fluctuates outside safe levels, a UPS will instantly provide clean battery backup power and surge protection for plugged-in, sensitive equipment. 
  • Troubleshoot and repair electrical
  • Low Voltage
  • Data & communication cabling – UPS options for Computers & Peripherals, Networks & Servers, as well as Data Centers & Facilities.

All Current Electric holds a high standard for the qualifications of its electricians. When you choose an All Current Electric commercial electrician, you’re always covered if something goes wrong. You are guaranteed that the contractor is insured, licensed, and bonded for complete insurance coverage including workers’ compensation with no liability to you.

When you are in need of a commercial electrician in the Kansas City area, give All Current Electric a call at 913-825-3506 or contact us online