A Licensed Electrician Vs. A Handyman: Who Should You Hire?

When you need a licensed electrician to do work in your home, business, or anywhere else its important you get someone that will do the work correctly and properly. Learning the difference between a handyman and a licensed electrician will help you determine how to do the work and ensure it is done the way it should be. All Current Electric LLC offers fast friendly licensed electricians to help you with your electrical needs in Overland Park and Kansas City.

Often DIY electrical work ends up costing you more money and you aren’t sure if it’s even done correctly for safety issues. Most times DIY work ends up in hiring a licensed electrician to re-do most everything. Using a handyman is usually another option – but this is an unlicensed contractor, and you can’t be sure that they can install outlets, wires properly or even have the proper tools to do so. If something were to go wrong, since they are not a licensed electrician, you would be held liable for any damages or incorrect electrical work.

Hiring an electrician with proper licensing ensures you have work done properly and they can handle any electrical issue you may have – big or small. When hiring a licensed electrician, it’s important to look at all their qualifications, including the experience they have in the areas of Overland Park and Kansas City. All Current Electric LLC has been in business since 2008 and employs highly trained professional electricians with over 60 years of combined experience. Our motto is to “Do the RIGHT thing always”.

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