A Professional Electrician Gives Smoke Detector Tips





A professional electrician knows smoke detectors are required in every home, but here are some tips you should keep in mind when planning detector placement! Smoke detectors are a crucial part of a home fire escape plan; smoke spreads quickly in a fire and detectors give you an early warning so you can get to a safe area. One of the jobs of a professional electrician is to make sure these alarms are installed correctly.

Here are some tips to follow for smoke detectors:

  • Install a detector on every floor of the home, outside every sleeping area and inside each bedroom of the home. A closed door can slow the fast spread of smoke during a fire.
  • All these alarms should be interconnected so they all go off at once to alert the entire house.
  • Test smoke alarms once a month, each one should be dusted, and the test button pressed to ensure they work properly.
  • Check the age of your smoke alarm. Take the alarm down, tale the battery out and check the manufacture date. If need be – replace the smoke detector if its too old. They should be replaced every 10 years
  • Smoke detectors should be on the ceiling or up high on a wall. They need to be out of reach of children and away from the kitchen to prevent false alarms.
  • For people who are hard of hearing or deaf – there are alarms that have lights and bed shakers. Make sure the proper smoke detectors are in place for the needs of the home.

Our professional electrician recommends creating an escape route for your home and make sure everyone who resides is aware of the plans. This is pressing so that you get early detection from your smoke detectors and get to safety as quickly as possible. These plans should include two ways out of every room, escape routes are clear of debris and windows can open easily, a good meeting place outside of the home, and making sure to assist elderly or infants outside as well. Act quickly in the case of a home fire!

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