An Industrial Electrician Is A Service & Repair Specialist


The job description of Industrial Electrician has distinct differences to that of other types of electricians. The foundation of an industrial electrician’s skill set is in basic electrical knowledge, as it is for all types of electricians. However, it is the application of their extended training that defines the differences.

Industrial Electrician: Specialized Training

The level of expertise necessary for the daily tasks of an industrial electrician requires extensive and very specific education. It takes at least four years to become licensed. In addition, serving in an apprenticeship training program, which includes classroom instruction and on the job training, is required. Specialized training ensures the electrician is thoroughly knowledgeable of the industry, with a high degree of accuracy in job performance.

Industrial Electrician: Work Environments

The primary work environment for an industrial electrician is manufacturing and production facilities and construction sites. Electrical requirements for large manufacturing and production facilities, in particular, are different than what is needed in other areas of the industry. They work on a variety of issues, from exceptionally high-voltage electrical systems to direct micro-currents of electricity. A high degree of accuracy is vital, as mistakes can not only be extremely expensive but have serious consequences.

Industrial Electrician: Training & Skills

Professional industrial electricians are able and qualified to provide high-quality repairs or installations expertly and safely. Further, they have the proper electrical equipment to diagnose and repair any problems. They stay current with the latest electrical code changes and requirements, which helps to ensure their work is safe and up to code.

Industrial Electrician: Choosing The Right One

Choosing the wrong electrical contractor can be costly and even dangerous. A professional electrician should exhibit good communication skills and have a solid reputation. To find the right one for your needs, do some research. While searching online can be productive, you should also ask for referrals from business partners and peers in the industry. Make some phone calls to several of the companies you are considering, and ask pertinent questions. Further, ask for references and follow up on them. 

Industrial Electrician: All Current Electric

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