A Certified Electrician Follows Kitchen Lighting Trends

All Current Electric A Certified Electrician Follows Kitchen Lighting Trends

Talking to a certified electrician when you’re looking for lighting ideas for your kitchen is not just a good idea, it’s your best option! That’s because a certified electrician:

  • Keeps up with current trends in kitchen lighting designs and styles;

  • Knows where to find the best selections and prices, and

  • Is an experienced and competent lighting installer.

Further, their knowledge of home electrical systems, electrical codes and safety measures ensures you get a top-notch kitchen lighting job that you can enjoy for years.

Certified Electrician: Light Up Your Kitchen!

For many families, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It isn’t just a place for everyone to share meals – it is a shared space that reflects our lifestyle, and nurtures the body and the soul. Light fixtures can be used for more than Illuminating the kitchen. Rather, they can be used to create a unique, ambient décor, and still serve a practical purpose.

Any permanent lighting requires wiring for electrical supply and switches. A certified electrician can run wires from the electrical panel to the installation and switch site.

Certified Electrician: Multi-Purpose Lighting

In many homes, the kitchen is a multi-purpose space – in addition to cooking and eating, it may serve as a technical center, home office or entertainment space. There may be a space dedicated to mom’s sewing or crafting. The kids may use it as a place to do homework. As with any other space in your home, the kitchen needs lighting.

Certified Electrician: Style and Function

Basically, there are three types of lighting used in the kitchen – ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. 

Overhead Lighting – Requires a ceiling fixture or grouping of fixtures that can broadcast light through an intended area.

Task, Ambient, and Accent Lighting – Small fixtures that brighten a specific area in the ceiling, on walls, or in targeted areas.

Pendant, Sconces, Chandeliers and Fan/lights – Installed in ceilings or on walls with standard junction boxes and hardware.

Recessed and Track Lighting – Requires specialized mounting equipment and procedures, depending on the type and configuration of fixtures.

Think about style and function when planning your kitchen lighting. Choose accents that complement the kitchen’s design. For example, recessed fixtures cast soft, ambient light throughout the room.

There are thousands of equally attractive and functional products available. From stylized pendants hanging from the ceiling to recessed can lights above the island workspace, to space-saving wall sconces, the choices are practically unlimited. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to decide what best fits your wants and needs. Your certified electrician is an expert and can advise you of all your options.

Certified Electrician: Thinking Outside The Box

You may not be aware that there are lots of ideas for lighting that can enhance your space and also make things more convenient. Choose light fixtures that make a statement. The right lighting will bring out the best in the overall aesthetic appeal as well as day-to-day function in your kitchen. You don’t have to go with the status-quo – use different types of lights that are unique to you and your home’s style. For example, task lights can target a specific area, providing light where you need it – sinks, countertops, under shelves, kitchen islands and built-in pantries.

Certified Electrician: Lighting Installation

Installing a light fixture requires working with electricity, which can be hazardous. You should always hire a certified electrician for installing a light fixture. Whether installing in a spot that’s already wired or if new wiring and switches will be needed, a professional electrician knows how to install a light fixture correctly and quickly according to local codes, getting the job done correctly and safely.

professional electrician is able and qualified to get your electrical work done expertly and efficiently. Choosing a local certified electrician from All Current Electric means you get an efficient, high-quality, service expert who will perform the work to the highest industry standard. All Current Electric has over twenty years of experience serving Kansas City and the surrounding areas.  We are fully licensed and insured.




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