Hiring A Certified Electrician vs Handyman or DIY


Would you hire a professional certified electrician or the neighborhood handyman for electrical work in your home or business? Many people have relied on a friend or unqualified individual to do their electrical work – or even choose to do it themselves – because they want to save money. When compared to hiring a certified electrician, the handyman option might seem to be the best option. But is it really? While the cost of hiring a highly qualified professional may cost more, will you be getting value for your investment? And can you trust the work is done correctly and safely? Let’s take a look at some of the ways electrical work that is done by anyone other than a certified electrician can go wrong.

There are valid reasons why unqualified work is too dangerous:

  • Ask yourself is, what is the worst possible thing that could happen? The answer is “you can be killed.” This is a job for a professional who’s trained to handle the danger.
  • Another obvious reason for NOT hiring a handyman or doing the work yourself is, it could destroy your property. Again, a professional knows how to do the work safely and correctly, avoiding mistakes that can lead to disaster.
  • Most electrical work requires a permit and is probably too complicated for a DIY job. Every city has rules about projects that require permits. In some areas, it’s fairly straight forward for a homeowner to apply for a permit. But for more complex jobs, you can only get a permit if a licensed contractor is doing the work. However, even if you can get a permit, you should think carefully about whether this is a job you should take on yourself.

Here are a few reasons for choosing a professional to do a difficult job:

  • Electrical work is dangerous and should be done by a certified electrician for safety reasons.
  • Mistakes can be costly. Even when there are no safety issues involved, paying extra for a certified electrician is a good investment. When mistakes are made you could end up paying a lot more.
  • The value of your home can be affected when the electrical work has been done by an unqualified contractor. Insurance companies only pay for professional repairs and installation when something goes wrong. Plus, having the work done right means it looks good, with no glaring mistakes like exposed wiring and cobbled up jobs.

There are advantages to hiring a qualified professional.

A Certified Electrician Has Knowledge and Experience

Even though you, your wife’s brother or your best friend may have done some electrical work in the past, that doesn’t mean any of you have the knowledge and skills to diagnose and correct the issue. Most ordinary people’s experience is based on a few repairs they have completed. They may even have gotten instructions from an online video guide. This limited, often misguided, information can result in the work being done incorrectly, which can be dangerous. And in the long run, it often leads to greater costs to you.

Education and Skills of a Certified Electrician

A certified electrician is a highly qualified expert, having received extensive training in a wide range of electrical systems, installations, and repairs. Their knowledge is based on the most up-to-date electrical technology, intense study and relevant practical experience, which has all been verified by local licensing authorities in order to receive certification.

Using an unlicensed individual to perform electrical work on your property carries a lot of risk. You need to seriously consider the consequences before placing your trust in someone who is not certified to perform the work. If they are injured or disabled in any incident that occurs while they are working on your property, you can be held legally liable. And if you pay them, they can be considered an employee which gives them the right to claim worker’s compensation from you. You bear the burden of responsibility for any errors, accidents or mishaps that may occur, not the handyman. That doesn’t give you much recourse if you have to bring a lawsuit against them for incorrect or incomplete work.

Licensing, Insurance, and Liability

When you hire a bonded, fully insured certified electrician, you will have peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, the electrical work they perform is completed by a qualified, insured and licensed professional.

Certified Electricians Guarantee Safety and Quality

While getting a low price for electrical services can be appealing, you shouldn’t take the cheaper option. You should not view electrical work as an expense, instead, you should look at it for what it really is – an investment in the safety of your home. Cutting corners can lead to major safety risks which might not be obvious until disaster strikes.

While doing your own electrical work or hiring a handyman or friend for the job might seem like a good option, based on the cost, but the reality can mean danger and extra costs in the long run. Choosing a reputable, certified electrician is always the best choice.

All Current Electric holds a high standard for the qualifications of its electricians. When you choose an All Current Electric certified electrician, you’re always covered if something goes wrong. You are guaranteed that the contractor is insured, licensed, and bonded for complete insurance coverage including workers’ compensation with no liability to you.

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