Electrician in Kansas City Installs G.F.C.I Outlets

Our electrician in Kansas City is the best when installing G.F.C.I outlets; and we’ll explain what they are and how to use them properly! The G.F.C.I stands for a ground-fault circuit interrupter; a special type of outlet that can detect imbalances in the electrical current and will shut off power to reduce the risk of shock.Good insurance to prevent shocks! These types of outlets are required by National Electric Code and are essential for the safety of everyone in the home. Our electricians in Kansas City help to make sure your home is completely safe by installing these outlets in your home wherever there is water nearby!

Our most important people are our customers! We want to make sure you’re educated throughout the process when working with our electrician in Kansas City. A ground fault is a connection between a conductor and any material that is or may become grounded. Our electrician in Kansas City will install G.F.C.I outlets in these places:

  • Bathrooms should all have outlets
  • Garages and sheds or any place that is not a “living space”
  • Kitchens should have outlets anywhere there is water within 6ft
  • Laundry rooms should have an outlet for the washing machine and near any sink areas
  • Basements should have outlets if they are unfinished or high-moisture areas especially if it is a high flood area without a sump pump

These outlets protect against shock in the instance that water is introduced after something is already plugged in. If water gets into a plugged device or splashes the outlet, the G.C.F.I outlet will shut the outlet off stopping the ground fault and preventing shock. Once water is no longer in the area, you can reset the outlet and turn it back on.

Having a reliable company you can trust to install these outlets is key, for your all your electrician in Kansas City needs, call All Current Electric, LLC. Our contractors abide by all safety codes and ensure the work is done properly and efficiently. Our company has a combined over 60 years of experience to provide you with the services you need in the areas of Overland Park, Johnson County, and Kansas City areas! Call us today at (913) 825-3506 or contact us online!