Professional Electrician vs DIY Electrical: Is It Worth It?

All Current Electric professional electrician diy vs proA professional electrician is a better choice for completing electrical work in your home for a number of reasons. Most of us want to save money and instead of hiring a fully qualified, licensed and insured professional electrician will choose to troubleshoot and repair electrical issues ourselves or get a friend to help us out. However, while it may cost more upfront to hire someone, doing it yourself could end up costing significantly more later on.

There are distinct advantages for hiring a professional electrician instead – even for small jobs. Their knowledge is not based on home improvement television shows or internet how-to videos, but on the most up-to-date electrical study and practice, verified by local licensing authorities.

While some electrical work is within the ability of the average homeowner, the risk of making mistakes is high. There are so many things that can go wrong with DIY electrical work – not the least of which is actual physical harm to you, a family member or your property. Unqualified electrical work could result in electrocution, short circuits, and even fires. In fact, according to Homeadvisor67,800 home fires are caused by electrical problems every year. 

Here are the most common mistakes we see when DIY and unqualified electrical work goes wrong.

  • Failing to install a junction box.
  • Installing the wrong size box.
  • Reversing polarity on outlets.
  • Mixing wire gauges in a circuit.
  • Nailing cable staples too tight.
  • Installing the wrong size circuit breaker for the wire size.

DIY electrical work often involves repairs or installations that homeowners are unskilled and unprepared for and can result in devastating electrical accidents. Working with electricity requires the expertise gained from specific training and on-the-job electrical work. A professional electrician knows how to work with dangerous circuitry in compliance with electrical codes. Unlike an unqualified handyman or homeowner who can make critical mistakes, a professional electrician does the work safely and correctly – every time.

When you rely on a professional electrician from a respected, established electrical company, you will have complete confidence that all work will adhere to local codes and will be covered by the relevant permits. Undocumented work could also present a serious issue if you decide to lease or sell your home. Without permits, you may not be able to sell or lease your house because unlicensed work makes it ineligible for insurance.

While saving money on home repairs is important, when it comes to electrical work, you should not make that choice. Instead of looking at electrical work as an unwanted expense, look at it for what it really is – an investment. The cost of hiring a professional electrician is more than worth it for the safety, comfort, and peace of mind it can give.

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