Residential Electrician in Overland Park Helps with Ceiling Fan Installation

A residential electrician in Overland Park and Kansas City can help you with your ceiling fan installation needs. Are you trying to add some life to an old room? Get a cool breeze on the indoor porch? Any of those and more, we’ve got you covered here at All Current Electric. We offer professional residential and commercial electrical services in the Kansas City and Overland Park areas, and we guarantee you will get quality work done right the first time! We have a variety of electricians including residential; wiring and troubleshooting problems in homes – these generally focus on construction or maintenance, but some do both. Construction electricians typically install wiring into factories, businesses, and new homes; maintenance electricians fix and upgrade existing systems and repair equipment in residential settings. These are the specialty trained residential electrician in Overland Park you can expect from our services! 

When trying to spruce up the spaces in your home adding a ceiling fan is a great example of how a residential electrician in Overland Park can give that space the ambience the whole family can enjoy! Electrical wiring can be integrated into existing walls (and new walls too), floors, and ceilings. Our licensed electrician in Overland Park is professionally trained in a rigorous and thorough program to tackle your ceiling fan installations safely and accurately. Our licensed electrician uses skills such as:

  • Using technical diagrams showing circuits, outlets, load centers, panel boards and more
  • Install and connect wiring to circuit breakers, outlets, transformers and other components and systems
  • Using hand tools: screwdrivers, knives, pliers, wire strippers, hacksaws, and more
  • Using power tools: drills and saws
  • Repair and replace electric and electronic equipment when it breaks,
  • Replace fuses, switches, electrical and wire components.

Electrical work is not an easy job and should not be tackled on your own. Hiring a licensed electrician in Overland Park from All Current Electric, LLC, we hold a high standard for our electricians to stay up to date and qualified for all types of work. Our licensed electricians are insured, licensed, and bonded for complete insurance coverage leaving no liability to you! Our residential electricians have the most appropriate training to install your ceiling fans safely and accurately. We also get the proper permits required in your county to ensure liability insurance and homeowners insurance are more likely to pay out if something goes wrong!

Eric and Donna Fernandez started All Current Electric in 2008, and now have a combined management team that enables them to perform a wide range of electrical work. We’re the one stop shop for all your residential and commercial needs! Our company has over 60 years of combined electrical experience in all types of electrical work. Servicing Kansas City and Overland Park, we want to “Do the RIGHT thing always!” Call All Current Electric, LLC (913) 825-3506 or request an appointment online today!