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All Current Electric residential electrician general lighting servicesA residential electrician can completely transform your kitchen or bathroom merely by changing the lighting features. You can change the entire dynamic of your home with creative and functional lighting upgrades. In addition to general lighting services for your home, a skilled electrician can customize your kitchen and bathroom with a variety of other options, including low-voltage LED lighting, outdoor lighting, recessed can lights, pendants over the kitchen island, make-up lights in the bathroom, and more. 

People are climbing on the bandwagon with more home renovations than ever before. Every year the number of homeowners making significant changes to their homes, whether for their own enjoyment or for resale purposes, continues to grow in popularity. Importantly, renovating your home is an ideal time to upgrade your kitchen’s lighting, and the best part is that you don’t have to tear down any walls to get a new look.  

New Trends In Kitchen Lighting

Gone are the days when our kitchens have to rely on a single 100-watt light bulb centered in the ceiling. In most cases, changing the lighting is all it takes to make it a more functional and attractive space. Lighting up a dark corner, spot-lighting a workspace or installing a ceiling fan are examples of how a residential electrician can quickly and easily give your kitchen a comfortable ambience that the entire family will enjoy.

Upgrading to recessed lighting can make your kitchen come alive, spreading even illumination over a wide space. For example, task lights over the stove and sink provide illumination for cooking and cleaning – just where you need it! Slim, energy-efficient miniature track lights or low-voltage Halogen lights provide a whiter, more accentuating light, and when used underneath kitchen cabinets, they not only illuminate your granite or marble countertops, they make them sizzle! Above-cabinet lighting can be used to emphasize tall ceilings and make a room feel more spacious. Kitchen workspaces and computer stations are especially popular in today’s modern families, and task lights are ideal for providing adequate illumination.

A residential electrician can install the proper style and type of light fixture to all the important areas, whether it’s fluorescent task lights for the computer keyboard and work materials, wall lights or desk lamps. Your kitchen’s lighting can be restructured to fit everyone’s needs, with no more dark shadows or unlit corners. Instead, you’ll get sufficient light in the places where you need it most, as well as enhancing the décor of your kitchen, in a blend of general, task and accent lighting.

No matter how many lights you install, what type of fixtures you choose or what the location or purpose, professional electrical service providers have the knowledge and skills needed to provide the proper wiring, switches, types and styles to provide the proper installation for all your home’s lighting needs – not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting Trends

A very important part of upgrading a home involves bathroom makeovers that include installing exhaust fans, extra outlets and upgrading the light fixtures in particular with LED lighting. Replacing traditional bulbs and fixtures with lower-cost LED lights makes the cost of upgrading more affordable than ever before. Further, there are many exciting options available, both in style, design and function, from replacing vanity light bulbs to mirrors and tubs surrounded by LED strips. Old, unattractive flush mounts can be replaced with sleek, recessed LED lights. Dimmer switches can be added for adjusting the amount of light you need – toning it down for a relaxing bath, or providing full illumination for applying makeup. Plus, they are more energy-efficient than old incandescent bulbs.

Though there are many electrical companies out there that can install lighting fixtures, none of them come close to the high-quality results provided by All Current Electric. We have built up a solid reputation for inspired designs, quick turnaround times, and upfront prices, and we take a great deal of pride in the quality of our work. Our experts maintain the highest industry standards, and our customer service is second to none.

At All Current Electric, each talented residential electrician is an expert in kitchen and bathroom lighting options that never disappoint. From simple upgrades to whole-house lighting projects, you can count on us! Choosing one of our local electricians means you get an efficient, high-quality, service expert who will perform the work to the highest industry standard. 



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