A Residential Electrician Repairs and Installs Whole House Generators

allcurrent electric residential electrician power outages repairsA residential electrician performs electrical repairs caused by seasonal storms and installs whole-house generators for homeowners’ convenience. Electrical power outages are increasing in both frequency and duration, and unfortunately, are unavoidable. We all know how a major power outage can last for several hours or even days in Kansas City.

According to the National Weather Service, most power outages are caused by violent storms, but many are also caused by equipment failure due to an aging and overloaded electrical grid. The Department of Energy and North American Electric Reliability Corporation note Americans endure more power outages, for longer periods of time than any other developed nation worldwide. These occur from extreme weather such as lightning, high winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes, natural disasters like floods, fires, and earthquakes, supply shortfalls and a number of other causes. 

You don’t have to just sit there in the dark when the power goes out. Many Kansas City homeowners have chosen to remedy the problem of frequent power outages by calling a residential electrician to install a whole-house generator. Generators are your own personal back-up electrical power source; within seconds of the electricity going off, a standby generator will automatically kick on and supply power to your home’s electrical circuits.

Installing a whole-house generator is the perfect solution when you experience frequent power outages. It can help your family stay safe and comfortable as you weather the storm by ensuring essentials like sump pumps, HVAC systems, appliances and lights continue to operate while the power is out. And importantly, your home security devices will still function to guard against break-ins and theft.

allcurrent electric residential electrician whole house standby generatorsA whole-house generator can be installed outside your home, and the residential electrician will install it permanently into your home’s electrical system. Unlike a portable generator, a whole-house generator doesn’t rely on gasoline in order to operate; instead, it has its own natural gas line running into it. When it detects a power outage, the generator automatically kicks in and begins supplying electrical power to your home, and automatically shuts itself off when the power comes back on.

Whole-house generators are actually a great investment and they can provide more than enough electricity to keep your entire house running during a seasonal power outage. They’re a better option than a portable generator which only provides enough energy to keep the lights and maybe some other small appliances on. With a whole-house generator, every appliance in your home, including your HVAC system, water heater, and refrigerator will continue to run.

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