Residential Electrician Winter Storm Damage Repair Services Kansas City

A residential electrician at All Current Electric is at their best when a storm does its worst. Winter storm season has arrived in Kansas City. Frigid temperatures, high winds, electrical storms, heavy snow and ice – all can result in the need for a residential electrician to make repairs to your property in the event of a severe storm.All Current Electric Residential Electrician Winter Storm Damage Repair Services Kansas City

Winter Storm Damage

  • Thunderstorms bring lightening can result in the need for fire and storm damage repairs. Winter storms can cause:
    • Power outages from downed power lines
    • Power surges causing damage to appliances, electronics, inside service panel and GFIs – Ground Fault Interrupters
  • Downed trees causing damage to outside electrical service panel requiring repairs to:
    • Service conduit
    • Electric meter
    • Main panel
    • Wiring
  • Fires and flooding

After The Storm

There is a saying that “you can’t fight Mother Nature” and it is true when it comes to dealing with storms and bad weather that can damage your home. Once the storm is past homeowners are faced with fire and storm damage repairs that can seem overwhelming. That’s when it’s time to call All Current Electric for quick and expert residential electrician service.

Assess The Damage

Making fire and storm damage repairs after a winter storm is something that you should not attempt on your own. A damage restoration project requires a considerable amount of time and expertise to complete. A professional residential electrician is needed to help you make repairs to your home as soon as possible with minimal costs. The certified technicians at All Current Electric have the skills and assets to do a quality job. We are a locally owned and operated storm damage repair service who can also help with mold, chemical and water damage to your property.

As soon as it’s safe, you need to assess the damage and arrange for repairs. Many people may make the mistake of thinking that the city’s electrical services will take care of storm repairs, but if your home’s outside service panel or service entry is damaged during the storm, homeowners are responsible for repairs, not the city. All Current Electric has a team of residential electrician disaster recovery professionals who are prepared and equipped to handle all types of fire and storm damage repairs.

Residential Electrician After The Storm

Call All Current Electric as soon as possible. Our storm damage professionals will:

  • Place temporary tarps over damaged, leaking roofs due to hail or high winds. If the roof has been penetrated tarps will help prevent further water or snow damage until permanent repairs can be made.
  • Pump out flooded basements and crawl spaces with heavy-duty pumping equipment.
  • Remove water-damaged material that can’t be saved and use hi-tech equipment to dry and dehumidify the space.
  • Safely and thoroughly clean up septic system or sewage spills.
  • Securely board up windows, doors and any other openings caused by the storm.
  • Pack, move and store undamaged possessions in a secure facility until restoration is complete.
  • When auxiliary power is needed following the loss of power we will provide Cummins whole house backup generators to maintain limited electrical service.

Homeowners can lessen the stress of recovering from storm damage in the Kansas City area by calling a residential electrician at All Current Electric. Instead of attempting to coordinate repairs from numerous contractors, let us manage the process from start to finish. We have emergency response crews available 24/7 and our experienced crews will work efficiently and thoroughly to get your home and your lives back to normal.

Fire Damage, Water Damage Restoration & Storm Restoration Services

  • All Current Electric offers a professional residential electrician for service and repair. 
  • We provide quality work by highly trained professionals.
  • We offer the following residential electric services and repair services:
  • Cummins Whole house back up generators

Our Cummins Whole House Home Generators Empower Your Peace of Mind

Cummins is the brand homeowners trust for reliability, durability and power. With a Cummins home generator, your family won’t be left in the dark. Your natural gas or liquid propane fueled generator automatically delivers power quietly and quickly during a utility outage.

If you are in need of a residential electrician for fire and storm damage repairs, give All Current Electric a call at 913-825-3506 or request an appointment using our online form.