Service Electricians Provide Installation, Repairs and Maintenance To Homes and Businesses

All Current Electric service electricians residential commercial industrial kansas cityService electricians at All Current Electric in Kansas City are highly skilled technicians who help ensure buildings and homes receive the power they need to utilize electrical devices and systems. They have the skills to troubleshoot wiring problems, make all kinds of repairs and install wiring in existing homes and buildings.

Some of our service electricians are tasked with the design, installation and maintenance of complicated electrical systems in industrial complexes and new construction projects. We can all agree that without electricity our lives would be seriously impacted – hospitals wouldn’t be able to provide life-saving treatments to patients, businesses would close, and factories would cease operations. Nearly every facet of our lives depends on electricity. That makes service electricians integral to a well-functioning society.

We employ different types of service electricians who provide a wide range of electrical services. Our residential service electricians install and maintain the electrical wiring in peoples’ homes. Commercial service electricians install and maintain the electrical wiring for larger structures, such as office buildings, factories, airports, hospitals, schools, and the like. Telecommunications service electricians lay the fiber optic cable for communications, such as phones, computers, and local area network wiring in commercial structures. Industrial service electricians install the cabling that goes from power plants to buildings and homes.

Some of the specific tasks that All Current Electric service electricians are responsible for include the ability to read blueprints in order to determine placement of circuits, outlets, panel boards and other electrical components. In addition, they are able to design and plan the layout and installation of wiring systems for all kinds of businesses and buildings. Many are skilled at installing systems that enable telephones, intercoms, computer, security alarms and fire alarms to work properly. All of our service electricians are trained and experienced at installing, maintaining and replacing circuit breakers, fuses and wiring in all types of settings. Importantly, our service electricians make sure the work they do meets the safety standards set out in the National Electrical Code.

When you hire a service electrician from All Current Electric, you will receive efficient, quality service. The work is guaranteed, so if problems develop later on, All Current Electric will re-inspect it and repair it at no additional cost to you. Our technicians are certified and insured and have all the required permits and licenses required to perform electrical work. A professional service electrician ensures all work will be done correctly and safely, every time.

All Current Electric is proud to serve Johnson County & Wyandotte County in Kansas and Jackson, Platte, Cass and Clay counties in Missouri. the greater Kansas City area. We are professional certified electricians serving Kansas City KS, Kansas City MO and all cities in the greater metropolitan area: Blue Springs, Briarcliff, Fairway, Independence, Leawood, Lees Summit, Lenexa, Liberty, Merriam, Mission, Mission Hills, Olathe, Overland Park, Parkville, Prairie Village, Riverside, Shawnee, Spring Hill, Stanley and more! Contact us if you don’t see your area listed. 

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