Top 10 Reasons To Use A Licensed Electrician


All Current Electric Top 10 Reasons To Use A Licensed Electrician

Choosing a licensed electrician for doing all the electrical work in your home or business is important for a number of reasons. No matter how tempted you are to do the work yourself, even if it’s to save money, when it comes to electrical work you should rely on a professional electrician instead. There are several other benefits of using a licensed electrician.

Top 10 Reasons To Use A Licensed Electrician

  1. Safety – Working with electricity can be very dangerous. An unskilled person may do the work incorrectly, which can lead to safety hazards, such as fires or electrical shock. A licensed electrician follows safety regulations, ensuring all work is done correctly and safely.
  2. Liability – If the electrician gets injured on the job, or if their work causes damage to your property, you won’t be responsible for paying for it out-of-pocket. Most homeowners policies cover liability issues when done by a professional. To ensure that you are not liable for compensation for any damages is to hire a licensed electrician. 
  3. Licensing and TrainingA skilled, certified electrician has completed a series of tests, inspections and on-the-job training, and has the necessary skills for completing electrical work. They stay up-to-date with current technologies and security codes with ongoing training required by The National Electrical Code.
  4. Permits and Inspections – In order to do electrical work, an electrician has a permit signifying they have gone through inspections guaranteeing their work meets all industry standards. In addition, they have the proper state, county and city licenses and permits, and are insured and bonded. Having a surety bond and insurance protects consumers from unsafe business practices.
  5. Tools and Equipment – Most electrical work requires specialized equipment and expertise. A licensed electrician has access to the top-quality tools required for electrical work. Importantly, this decreases the potential for damages.
  6. Saves MoneyA skilled electrician can recommend the most energy efficient materials that ensure maximum comfort at a minimal price. The correct repairs and installations avoid the risk of future expense.
  7. Enhanced Security – The electrician follows safety practices and guidelines, which reduces the risk of accidental damage to your property. Also, they can suggest other ways to keep your property safe and secure, such as installing an electronic security system.
  8. Guaranteed Work – A professional does the work right the first time. Having the proper bonding and insurance in place in case something does go wrong protects you against liability.
  9. TroubleshootingA licensed electrician understands the way electrical systems work. They can quickly find the problem and correct electrical issues.

Licensed Electrician Conducts Home Inspections

Home inspections are an important part of purchasing a new home. Inspections discover issues that can lead to future problems that require expensive repairs. A licensed electrician can detect most electrical issues and recommend solutions for any problems they find.

All Current Electric holds a high standard for the qualifications of its electricians. All contractors are insured, licensed, and bonded for complete insurance coverage including workers’ compensation with no liability to you. Our certified electricians are chosen and awarded based on their ability to provide: knowledgeable expertise, friendly service, exhibit excellent communication skills, and possess expert knowledge in their field.

Our service area includes Overland Park, Shawnee, Lenexa, Prairie Village and Johnson & Wyandotte counties in Kansas; and Jackson, Platte, Cass and Clay counties in Missouri. You will always have a selection of the top performing and highest rated licensed electricians at your fingertips for the right solution when you need it. 

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