How To Verify A Licensed Electrician In Kansas City

A licensed electrician should always be hired for electrical work in or around your home or business. A professional electrician performs highly specialized and potentially dangerous work. It is absolutely imperative that you check the status of the electrician before hiring them. Faulty electrical work can cause fires and insurance companies generally don’t cover fire damage when the work has been done by an unlicensed person.All-Current-Electric-licensed-electrician-training

To become a licensed electrician, a person must complete extensive training and education in both Kansas and Missouri, including a long apprenticeship. To become a certified electrician, one must be proficient not only at performing a wide range of electrical work but be knowledgeable of local laws and codes and whether a permit is required. In most states, the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) is the minimum standard for electrical work. 

There are strict licensing requirements that a licensed electrician must adhere to in order to legally perform electrical work. The types of licenses issued are for a Journeyman Electrician, Master Electrician, and Electrical Contractor. The licensing requirements vary with each city.

To Verify A Licensed Electrician 

You can check the status of any electrician or electrical repair company in Missouri and Kansas. Although Missouri and Kansas do not require licensing at the state level, each state has different sources of verification. Your state’s Department of Labor can also provide this information. Municipalities throughout the greater Kansas City metropolitan area issue licenses on a local level.

  • First, you should find out if the electrician HAS a license. Anyone can say they are a licensed electrician, but that doesn’t mean they are one.
  • Ask for their driver’s license or other personal ID and the license number or a copy of the actual electrician license. Compare the names on each to confirm it is the same individual. If you don’t have the electrician’s license number, you can still verify licensing by using their full name or the name of the contracting company.
  • Ask for proof of liability insurance. The insurance company can verify the license.
  • Obtain verification from the company the electrician is employed by.
  • Johnson County, Kansas has an online form you can use to find out if a contractor is licensed in the county.
  • The Missouri Division of Professional Registration Office of Statewide Electrical Contractors can be accessed to verify they are registered electricians.

Commercial and residential electrical work in Kansas and Missouri must be performed under a licensed electrician. This is your assurance that they know what they’re doing so you won’t be risking someone’s safety by hiring someone who is not trained and certified in the field.

Our Licensed Electrician Team

All Current Electrics’ team consists of highly educated and trained individuals who help manage the daily electricians’ schedules and construction jobs.

Owner and Managers are Eric & Donna Fernandez.

  • Donna serves as our Construction Manager.
  • Eric is a Licensed Master Electrician, Lead Estimator and Field Manager.
  • Dan Wagner is a Licensed Master Electrician and Operations Manager.
  • Our Service Electricians perform a wide range of electrical work making us the one stop shop for commercial, residential and industrial services.
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