Why Hiring a Professional Electrician is Important

When you need electrical work done, hiring a professional electrician over a handyman is an important decision. When you hear the term ‘handyman’ you probably are thinking of someone who’s a jack of all trades and solve all the problems, fix it for cheaper than a professional electrician – this is not always the case!

Electrical work can go wrong at any moment if you aren’t super careful, that’s why hiring a professional electrician in Overland Park or Kansas City should be an easy choice with All Current Electric LLC! The biggest difference between a handyman and a professional electrician is licensing. A professional electrician must be licensed with the state, this provides insurance that you will not be held liable if something does happen to go bad. This goes for property damage or personal injury – you do not want to be responsible for a ‘handyman’ hurting themselves on your property without a license.

A funny story to think about if you ever need to decide to hire a professional electrician over a handyman. Now this story is about painters, but the concept still applies. A family hired two painters to paint the outside of their house but could not figure out why the first day was slow on progress. On day two their daughter checks in with the painters and finds something wrong – she runs to tell her mom and the mom finds the two men shaking and scared of heights. As it turns out, the painters were felons just out of jail trying to open a painting job. Just imagine if this had been an electrical job! A professional electrician would not let anything like this happen!

You can rest assured that All Current Electric LLC has you covered for all your professional electrician needs. Call us today (913) 825-3506 or contact us online to see if we can help you! We believe in “Fast, Friendly Service!”